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Rudolf Reder (geb. 4. April 1881, in Debica in Polen; gest.: um 1970) gilt als einziger Zeuge für die im KL Belzec angeblich ermordeten 600.000 oder 650.000[1] Juden. Er will im November 1942 geflohen sein, als er mit mehreren Wachmännern im nahegelegenen Ort Bleche holen sollte. 1946 erschien in Krakau sein Pamphlet „Belzec“. Auf seine alleinigen Aussagen geht die Verurteilung einer Vielzahl von Deutschen vor BRD-Gerichten zurück. Er verschwand um 1970 spurlos in Kanada.

Our guess was that either the machine produced high pressure, a vacuum, or the petrol produced carbon dioxide which was killing the people. The crying for help, screaming, dreadful moaning of those locked up and suffocating in gas chambers lasted ten to fifteen minutes and was extremely loud, then the moaning was dying away, and at the end, silence. I heard a lot of screaming and crying in different languages, as those killed were not only Polish Jews, but also Jews transported from abroad. Among the foreigners, French, Dutch, Greek, even Norwegian Jews were the most numerous. I don’t remember any transport with German Jews, but I can remember when Czech Jews arrived. The biggest holiday for the bandits was the visit Himmler paid to the camp. It was in mid-October. From the very morning we could see the Gestapo criminals bustling about mysteriously. On that day the whole procedure aiming at murdering thousands of people lasted shorter and was carried out very quickly. Irrman announced: “Es kommt eine hohere Person, muss Ordnung sein” (“A very important person is coming and order need to be maintained.”) They didn’t say who the person was but we all knew, because the Askars were exchanging murmurs among one another. Around 3 p.m., there came Himmler with general major Katzman, the main murderer in Lwów and the district, with an adjutant and ten other Gestapo officers. Irrman and others took the visitors to the chambers from which the dead bodies were falling out and from which they threw them out to a place where a horrendous heap of young and actually small bodies, children’s bodies, was piling up. The prisoners were dragging the dead bodies along. Himmler was starring at the scene for about half an hour and left. I saw the joy and the solemn mood among the Gestapo agents, I saw how great their joy was and how they laughed away.[2]

Werke (Auswahl)

  • I Survived a Secret Nazi Extermination Camp



  1. so genau ist das nicht bekannt, aber das ist nicht von Belang, da er mindestens 600.000 Opfer selbst gesehen hat
  2. The memories of Rudolf Reder (source: Archiwum Żydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego im. E. Ringelbluma, "Relacje. Zeznania ocalałych Żydów", sygn. 301/594./Archives of the E. Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute, "Relacje. Zeznania ocalałych Żydów", class. No. 301/594.)