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Folgender Text ist eine Quellenwiedergabe. Unter Umständen können Rechtschreibfehler korrigiert oder kleinere inhaltliche Fehler kommentiert worden sein. Der Ursprung des Textes ist als Quellennachweis angegeben.

I ALFRED HELMUT NAUJOCKS, being first duly sworn, depose and state as follows:

  1. In September 1938 I was working in Amt III of the SD. (The department which was then called Amt III later became Amt VI). In the course of my work I traveled between Berlin, Hof and Munich.
  2. While in Hof, which is on the Czech border, I paid repeated visits to the SD Service Department, that is, Intelligence Office, which has been established there. This Service Department had the task of collecting all political intelligence emanating from the Czechoslovak border districts and passing it on to Berlin. Continuous day and night teleprinter communications had been established from Hofdirect to Amt III of the SD in Berlin. To the best of my recollection the head of the Hof office was Daufeldt. The head of Amt III in Berlin at this time was Jost and his assistant was Filbert.
    * (Rifles and machine guns were of doubtful serviceability due to inferior ammunition).
  3. The bulk of the intelligence we collected came from Heinlein Free Corps, which had its headquarters in a castle at Dondorf, outside Bayreuth; the distance between Hof and Bayreuth is not very great, and we had daily access to all intelligence received by the Free Corps. There was a continuous liaison maintained with Czech territory by runners. Exploitation of this Intelligence was carried out every day in Berlin and was placed before Heydrich and Himmler.
  4. I remember that the Free Corps made continuous complaints that they had not received sufficient supply of arms. Negotiations by letter and teleprint message went on for a number of days with Berlin until it became quite a nuisance. After that arms were supplied from the army, but I believe it was only a small quantity.
  5. Hof was the center for all intelligence collected by the SD on the Czechoslovak question. The SD had agents all along the border in every town. The names of these agents were reported to Hof, and two motor cars toured the border every day to collect the intelligence which had been unearthed. In addition, I remember that two or three companies of the SS-Totenkopf units were stationed in the neighborhood of Asch.

The facts stated above are true: this declaration is made by me voluntarily and without compulsion; after reading over this statement I have signed and executed the same at Nurnberg, Germany this 20th day of November 1945.

(signed) Alfred Helmut Naujocks.

Quelle: Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume 1, Chapter IX: The Plotting of Aggressive War, 4. THE EXECUTION OF THE PLAN TO INVADE CZECHOSLOVAKIA