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Common Sense was an american bi-monthly anti-communist newspaper from 1946 to 1972, mostly edited by Michael Conde McGinley.
It comments communist and subversive activities by the eternal enemies of the people during those decades and provides an excelent insight and awareness of how the enemy was already behaving and attacking decades ago.
It was also financed by the anti-zionist and anti-bolshevist jew Benjamin H. Freedman, whose famous speech denouncing Israel, the war and judaism you may be very well aware of, and Eustace Mullins also collaborated on edting and writing for the publication.
This publication is an essential 'missing' link of revisionist material during the almost 20 years it extensively covers. It's an addictive easy reading even Michael C Piper recommended.
These newspapers are 4 pages each and are titled accordingly.
And as usual, this kind of content is under thread by the usual suspects, download it, save it and share it, they are coming for archive.org and many other websites, preserve freedom and the truth.

--High (Diskussion) 12:43, 22. Heuert (Juli) 2021 (UTC)