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German city (?)

What makes Trieste to be called "German", just because it was part of Austria-Hungary? So it was Milan, and big part of north Italy. And I will call myself of "german descent" because some of my ancestrors, all mediterranean and catholics with italian surnames, lived in the Austria-Hungary before WWI. Makes no sense. In 1910 only 5,2% of its inhabitants were of german language. And if we consider the "Geographic Italy", what is the natural division of Italy (the Alps) Trieste is also perfectly inside in Italy. --MCMLXXXII 16:12, 24. Gilbhart (Oktober) 2013 (CEST)

It was about 550 years a german city. I dont know when it was founded but before 1382 it can not be a very big town. It would be a german city until now if there where not been the so called treaty of trianon and st. germain in 1918. Gruß Rauhreif 16:28, 24. Gilbhart (Oktober) 2013 (CEST)